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Attention Students:

Classes have been cancelled for Tuesday, January 27. Please visit individual course iSites for the most current information on first meetings.

VES 24: Painting, Smoking, Eating with Matt Saunders
First Meeting: Thursday, January 29, 1:00 pm
Please see the iSite for more specific information on the first meeting.

VES 41a: Intro. to Still Photography with David Hilliard
First Meeting: Thursday, January 29, 9-12 (morning class)
First Meeting: Thursday, January 29, 1-4 (afternoon class)

VES 178n: The Documentary Moment with Dennis Lim
Please check the course iSite for updated information, or email TF Joana Pimenta at pimenta@g.harvard.edu.

VES 186: Film, Media, Space with Francesco Casetti
First Meeting: Wednesday, January 28, 4:00-5:50 pm in CCVA 402

This list is accurate as of Wednesday, January 28.


January 2015: VES alum Damien Chazelle '07 nominated for Oscar

Whiplash, a film by VES alum Damien Chazelle AB '07, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. Chazelle was also nominated for his screenplay in the Writing (Adapted Screenplay) category.

Whiplash release poster


January 2015: Ross McElwee to participate in Sundance Art of Film series

The 2015 Sundance Film Festival will take an unprecedented look at the art and craft of filmmaking with its new Art of Film Weekend series. Professor Ross McElwee and Sam Green will discuss nonfiction filmmaking on the panel The Doc Art Mix Tape. Read about the series and see the full list of panels and participants on the Sundance Institute's website.

Ross McElwee, Bright Leaves


January 2015: Visiting Lecturer Halsey Rodman at Kansas Gallery

Triple Trouble, a solo exhibition of new work by visiting lecturer Halsey Rodman, opens at KANSAS in New York on January 10. Among the works in the exhibition is a group of 47 gouache drawings, Cave System or Ear Canal, made over the past three years.

Halsey Rodman, Gradually/We Became Aware/Of A Hum in the Room


December 2014: Katarina Burin's exhibition, Pre-Arranged Comfort

In an article on SFGate.com, Katarina Burin talks about combining the real and the fake in her exhibition Pre-Arranged Comfort. The show is on view at Ratio 3 in San Francisco through December 20.

Katarina Burin, Pre-arranged Comfort, Ratio 3, San Francisco


December 2014: Ross McElwee films released in box set

A recent Boston Globe article highlights The Ross McElwee Collection, which includes Sherman's March (1986) and Bright Leaves (2004), as well as four more documentaries not released previously on DVD.

Ross McElwee, Bright Leaves


November 2014: Katarina Burin at Ratio 3, San Francisco

Pre-arranged Comfort, an exhibition of new work by Katarina Burin, opens at Ratio 3 in San Francisco on November 7. Read about the exhibition, which consists of sculptures, models, architectural interventions, and objects referencing multiple scales, on the gallery's website.

Katarina Burin, Pre-arranged Comfort, Ratio 3, San Francisco


October 2014: A Tribute to Robert Gardner

The Harvard Film Archive and the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts will pay tribute to Robert Gardner on November 1. Read about Gardner's legacy and the event on the HFA's website.

Robert Gardner


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