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  1. Spring term/shopping week begins on Monday, January 27. Students shop VES courses.
  2. On Thursday, January 30 at 5pm, VES profs/TAs/TFs of limited enrollment classes will send their class list(s) by e-mail to all admitted and wait-listed students.
  3. By Friday, January 31 at 9am (Study card day for the College), students must let their Profs/TAs/TFs know by e-mail if they accept or decline admission to the class(es)—including those students on the wait list.
  4. By 12:00 noon on Friday, January 31, Profs/TAs/TFs will send a FINAL class list(s) by e-mail to admitted students.
  5. Your professor, or Paula Soares, VES manager of academic programs, can sign your study card (provided she has received the final list from the teaching staff) from 12pm to 5pm on Friday. Paula's office is Carpenter Center 102, in the main office. There will be laptops and a printer set up in the main office of the Carpenter Center for you to print your study cards. Study cards are due in the undergraduate houses by 5pm on Friday, January 31.

The following classes have special first meetings during shopping week:

  • VES 19: Graphic Novels will meet from 1pm to 3pm only on its usual day, Thursday, January 30 in Sever 402-405.
  • Dramatic Arts 133: Directing Film will meet on Monday, January 27 only, from 10am-1pm in Sever B10.
  • VES 59: The Science of Fiction will meet on Monday, January 27 from 1pm-4pm in Sever 415.
  • VES 152r: Intermediate Nonfiction Projects will meet on MONDAY, January 27 from 4pm to 5pm in Sever 415. This is normally a Friday-only class.
  • VES 250: The Live Film will meet on Tuesday, January 28 from 4pm-8pm in CARPENTER CENTER 402.

students on the stairs of the Carpenter Center

Photo: Stephanie Mitchell.
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